Artist info



Sounds like

Lee Hazelwood, SixFtHick, Midnight Woolf

band members

Anna Lienhop - Vocals, Dick Straight - bass, Julia Watt - drums, Ben Murphy - guitar


Man or Astro Man, Nancy Sinatra, the Gun Club


La Bastard are a Melbourne based surf/60's/rockabilly band with a shitload of attitude. Imagine Nancy Sinatra jamming with Man or Astro Man in a completely unpredictable and interactive live show. Playing with some of Melbourne's finest from the Toot Toot Toots, to Brothers Grim and Midnight Woolf, as well as supporting Spanish garage heroes Los Chicos on their 2012 Australian tour, La Bastard's sultry vocals, searing licks and unwavering energy will get ya dancin', even if they have to come down their and join you! "Treat this band with respect." Patrick Emery, Beat Magazine "An energetic release full of attititude and kick-ass musicianship... ...get your dancin' shoes on and prepare for one helluva workout." Cherrie Magazine "The cheers and smiles of everyone at this show is a soaring tribute to just how good they are" Zoran Ilievski, Veri.Live Magazine La Bastard's self titled debut album is out now and available from the band's bandcamp page on CD and digital download. Also available as a digital download is the 'Take Me Away' single. La Bastard's second full length 'Tales from the Beyond' is out January 2013 on CD and vinyl.