Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Hanoi Rocks, The Scorpions, Guns n Roses, status quo, AC/DC

band members

Torsten Steel - Lead Vocals/Guitar Vivian Jones - Lead Guitar/Vocals Robbie Jones - Bass Guitar/Vocals Russell Boyd - Drums/Vocals


Stones, Quo, Beatles etc., Sex Pistols & 70's Punk!!, Gunners & 80's Hair Metal!!



With a sound frequently likened to The Angels, Thin Lizzy and Motley Crue, Laced In Lust has been turning heads since their first show in April 2012. The band hails from Adelaide, South Australia where they have quickly built a strong following. Laced In Lust is a 4-piece rock act made up of Torsten Steel, Vivian Jones, Robbie Jones and Russell Boyd. After Jamming with a variety of members throughout the Adelaide music scene, the four members came together over time, finding a like mindedness in musical influences and work ethic. Early success for the band came with them winning the Rocking Angel Bourbon Encouragement Award’s $1000 prize. This allowed the band to self fund and release their debut single “Fire” which they toured on the back off. Finding success through touring, Laced In Lust has continued to play throughout the country, revisiting and building fans in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast. Along with touring, Laced In Lust enjoys continual radio play on a variety of radio stations in Adelaide and throughout the country. After building their name for some time, Laced In Lust was contacted by Demon Doll Records (USA), Metal Pesado (Japan) and Off The Record (Aus) to negotiate distribution of the “Fire” CD. The band has opened for Robin & The New Revolution (Nepal), played the after party for Lost Angels (USA) and the tour party for Fear Factory (USA). The band has also played along side some of Australia’s best unsigned bands, including Devilrock Four, Sunset Riot, Heaven the Axe, Empra, Dead Star Renegade and The Mercy Kills. Currently, Laced In Lust is recording their second CD, the 5-track EP “Firing Lines”, to which they intend on touring with through the summer of 2013-14. Merchandise including band T-Shirts are being designed, and further radio coverage, CD distribution and endorsement agreements are being worked on. Laced In Lust plan to continue writing, recording and playing their original rock music with the intention of becoming an internationally recognised live act.