Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

The Angels, Motley Crue, Hanoi Rocks, The Scorpions, Guns n Roses, Status Quo, AC/DC, Hell City Glamours

band members

Torsten Steel - Lead Vocals/Guitar Vivian Jones - Lead Guitar/Vocals Oopie - Bass Guitar/Vocals Russell Boyd - Drums/Vocals


Status Quo, Guns N Roses, Sex Pistols, Hell City Glamours, Motley Crue, 70's Rock N Roll



Blending high energy rock n roll with a determind attitude, Laced In Lust takes the best of the rock powers from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s and mixes it with a more modern sound. Laced In Lust has been turning heads since their first show in 2012 and have a strong following in Adelaide that continues to grow.
Since that first show you've seen the release of debut single "Fire" followed by numerous national tours throughout Australia, the booming release of their EP "Firing Lines" AND more recently returning from a European tour! Its been full steam ahead from day one and nothing is holding back your new favourite band, Laced In Lust!