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Brodie Fay - Vocals/Guitar, John Tsouvallas - Drums, Noel Mensforth - Bass


Fear Factory, SlipKnot


Lacerated Soul is a three piece metal band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. The band consists of Brodie Fay (guitar, vocals), Noel Mensforth (bass) and John Tsouvallas (drums). Through shredding guitar riffs, rumbling bass lines, blasting drum beats and lyrics that scream of ruthless aggression, Lacerated Soul have crafted together a powerful package that propels the listener on both a melodic and progressive journey of pure metal mayhem! The band came to life when Brodie and John met in high school and discovered they shared the same passion for music. While their early work consisted mainly of cover songs and numerous line-up and name changes, it wasn't until 2002 that the band began writing their own material and shifted towards a heavier sound. Over the next 6 years, Brodie and John focussed on writing new material as well as establishing their own home studio to release their material. In 2008, they recruited Noel Mensforth through association with Adelaide band Thunder Child to take over bass duties and finally agreed on the name Lacerated Soul. The band started playing shows across Adelaide in September 2010, and recorded their first EP titled "Controlled Brutality", which was launched in May 2011. Lacerated Soul encompasses a number of music styles ranging from the brutality that speed and death metal offer, to the groove metal that will keep the listener head-banging for more, with a hint of alternative and progressive metal to add a melodic flavour and truly refine this inspired musical craftsmanship. In short, Lacerated Soul isn't for the casual music passer-by. It's for the true music enthusiast who seeks new sounds and a challenging but rewarding musical experience.