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Metal, Rock

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Bob Scott - Guitars/Vocals, Anthony Gilbert - Guitars, Toman Bradley - Bass, Patrick Neumayer - Drums.



In late 2005, four musicians with different influences including Thrash, Death Metal and Black Metal formed an unnamed band. Early on a similar interest in science fiction concepts was realised and Lacerta was born. After some time working out their sound, Lacerta went into the studio. In 2010 with the help and keen ear of Joe Haley of Psycroptic, the debut album, MIND PROCESSOR, was completed. Lacerta have played locally and interstate and shared the stage with such acts as Psycroptic, Ruins, Astriaal, Thrall, MSI, Separatist, Alice Through the Windshield Glass, New Blood and WolfKahn, among others. Lacerta now look to take their show on to the national and international stage.