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Hip Hop, Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Tomahawk, Hired Goons, Ken Oath, Chali 2na

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Patrick Macklin


Funkoars, Clandestien, Jurassic 5, Hired Goons


The Lad Downpats’ constant activity on the stage, in the studio, or on the street has made him known as the all-out hard-slog emcee that he is. Rocking his hip-hop around the music scenes of Brisbane since 2000, and Darwin since 2010, DP is not new to this. A Chef by trade and now a Boilermaker, D-Pizzle incorporates his zest for cooking up a storm and burning emcees into almost every aspect of his work. His track with DJ Keen and The Master Chefs, entitled 'Pass The Salt' is a perfect example of this.
Downpat, a.k.a. The Indie-Genious can play a wide variety of instruments ranging from strings and brass to percussion. He was taught to play Drums by Kerry Jacobson, one of a few who played for New Zealand rock band Dragon. This may have something to do with his hard-hitting, funky, rhythmic style of Hip-Hop. Downpat possesses natural emceeing talent.
His ability to incorporate his style of rhythm with others’ around him, in freestyle or rehearsed performance makes him one of the future Oz MC’s to look out for.
Downpat appeared on a limited local release in Brisbane [circa 2002] in which his track 'My Way' was one of the standout submissions. 'Beyond 4000' was for sale only at Rockinghorse Records, CBD. More recently there are some guest appearances from ‘The Mallard Marauder’ to pop up around the traps so keep a heads up approach about yourself while your ear’s to the ground.
Downpat is currently working on production and writing towards his debut release, and can be found bringing the heat anywhere around the Arafura Sea. Since moving to the Northern Territory in 2008, The Lad has steadily made an impact with music connoisseurs and at local Darwin gigs such as Nirvana, Happy Yess, Brownsmart, The Railway Club, The Pirates Bar, The Chippo and The Darwin Entertainment Centre. He is also known for impromptu guest appearances with other local music makers or spittin at the occasional D'n'B gig. His constant placings on top of ReverbNation Darwin Charts proves that Downpat is a force to be wreckoned with.
Additional projects include Collaborations, Beat Production (Downpat Instro-Mentalz) and Session Drumming.
He’s got it Down to a T with your P.A...