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Ash Grunwald, Big Mama Thornton, Seasick Steve

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Glenna Lynes: Being born in the Deep South of The United States and having a skilled blues harmonica player father will always have an effect on a young child. Glenna Lynes was no exception, growing up in South Carolina and Georgia she had blues music in her blood and was surrounded by regular extended music sessions regularly. It’s the Southern way. Raised on a healthy diet of 50’s 60’s and 70’s rock and blues classic hits Glenna grew up a natural performer. After stints on piano, fiddle and oboe it became obvious to everyone including herself that she had carried her number one instrument with her the whole time, her voice. Smashing todays auto-tuned, pop/R&B stereotypical sounds with her vocal sledge hammer, Glenna’s voice is rooted deeply in soul, guts and pure conviction. When the singing starts, the Lady Valiant front womans voice commands attention. Just as her idols before her, such as Etta James, Janis Joplin and Big Mama Thornton, Glenna’s performances are not easily forgotten . Marty Brown: Marty was given his first guitar by his grandmother at the age of 12. A “beaten down old classical nylon string beast with a string action you could push a slice of bread through”. Never the less, this one gift was enough to change the world as he knew it. From that moment on practise sessions with a locked bedroom door was a daily occurance through his teenage years. An avid hard rock fan Marty quickly moved to electric guitar and unleashed through the power of amplifiers but as the years progressed found himself being drawn back to acoustic guitars, in particular fingerstyle playing. Being a blues fan from a young age with influences from ACDC to early Fleetwood Mac the blues was always around Marty but it took a stint living around the Delta area in the US to draw him back to the old styles of fingerstyle and dirty slide guitar which is becoming more evident in the music of Lady Valiant.


Ash Grunwald, Harry man, Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins, Seasick Steve, Big Mama Thornton, Janis Joplin, Susan Tedeschi



Inspired by the original Delta Blues masters, Lady Valiant was formed in Georgia, United States in 2015.

Relocating to Port Douglas Queensland in 2016, the dual force behind Lady Valiant, Glenna Lynes a South Carolina native and Marty Brown from country Victoria, create a 'less is more'  Blues and Folk soundscape that lacks for nothing with its minimalistic approach.  Using a solid foundation of chunky stompbox (with the occasional drummer) driving dirty slide guitar and raw soulful vocals Lady Valiant bring an authentic sound to the stage with raw power and originality.

No strangers to hard work, the past two years in Lady Valiant land have included two trips to the Deep South and Delta region of the United States, over 300 gigs, support for acts such as Ash Grunwald & Tijuana Cartel,  multiple festivals across Australia and also a debut album planned for release in early 2018 featuring songs written about their travels and experiences on the road throughout the States. 

Inspired by the vast cotton fields and people of Mississippi, moonshine and summer childhoods wandering through the bush, Lady Valiant's music speaks to another time and place.

From stories of the legendary Robert Johnson's crossroads, to the Gospel Churches of West Memphis, Lady Valiant have found inspiration everywhere.  With their music reflecting this they uniquely blend elements of Soul, Blues and Folk to create a fun, funky and dirty sound.


Old Town (Live)

Lady Valiant

Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

11 May 2018

Triple J

When the Lady sings she's going to burn this whole place down you better believe it!
If you like raw no bullshit blues listen to this track - she's not playin' around

When the Lady sings she's going to burn this whole place down you better believe it!
If you like raw no bullshit blues listen to this track - she's not playin' around