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Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Alestorm, Korpiklaani

band members

· Captain Gregarggh - Vocals · The Majestic Beast - Guitar · Neil Rummy Rackers - Guitar · Lucky the Great - Bass · Mother Junkst - Violin/Keytar · Jacob, the Fiercest pirate in all of the Caribbean - Keyboards · Rusty Timbers - Drums


Dropkick Murphys, Turisas, Ensiferum

Unearthed artists we like

Valhalore, The Bottlers, The Bennies



Ahoy Crew! We are Lagerstein, and we love to party. Soaring through the seven skies, Lagerstein are a pirate band on a voyage to rock stages, create catchy music and have the best time, all the time.

Upon the shores of Queensland Australia seven pirates with a passion for partying, living the good life, and making heavy music decided to form a crew. In the 9 years since, Lagerstein have become an emerging hit. Equally well known for their unmistakable brand of catchy party tunes and legendary live show. Lagerstein’s dedication to piracy, partying and their art is unquestionable.

Each album the band seek to tell their not-so typical tales of piracy and adventure. ‘Drink ‘til We Die’ (2012) Lagerstein established themselves as a new flame of fun, burning bright and fast they ransacked their way through 50 minutes of partying. Followed up by ‘All For Rum & Rum For All’ (2016) the band again raised the bar with a deepening of their storytelling, as they took fans on a quest for the unquenchable Fountain of Rum. It was here that Lagerstein received their first industry accolade, when in 2017 they won QMA’s best Heavy Metal song award for ‘Drink the Rum”.

Sailing west in 2019, the party pirates hit the studio to record their third album ‘25/7’ in Sweden with world renowned producer Fredrik Nordström. Lagerstein plan to continue partying their way across the globe, and sharing fun, joy and the pirates life with landlubbers and sailors the world over.

Party times ahoy!


Review by Mitch Alexander Mitch Alexander

30 Jun 2019

Triple J

Rum responsibly distilled from responsible pure jaunty joy, enjoyed responsibly.

Rum responsibly distilled from responsible pure jaunty joy, enjoyed responsibly.