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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Liana Flores , Dodie

band members

laura higgins


Dodie, Jack Johnson , Jacob Collier, Tash Sultana


Buckle up folks because this young singer songwriter will blow your socks off with her groovy tunes.
Stealing influence from the greats: dodie, Jack Johnson and the kings of the music industry "Queen", her quirky style emanates early jazz, acoustic alternative and that of the indie folk persuasion. Playing guitar, ukelele and piano, her songs vary in tone of content and tone of song. Some upbeat bops will have you head banging as if in a 1980’s rave, where others will leave you pondering life as you know it, her own existential crisis’s influencing many a tune. This variety will leave you hanging on to every note that dances past her lips, expecting the unexpected and not expecting the expected. This modern day Andrew sister is in the process of recording and releasing an independent album, much to the worry that the industry will eat her positivity and churn it out to be another face of the multi-million, multi-faceted machine. Give her music a try today and I promise you will not be disappointed with the integration of subtle human truths and endless humourous self deprecation.