Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Kisschasey, MotorAce, Eskimo Joe

band members

Jack Dahlqvist-Vocals/Guitars, Ryan Bailey-Guitars, Luis Eguren-Bass, Gez Quirk-Drums


Indochine, MotorAce, The Police


Combining American polish with Australian spirit, Indie pop sensibility with rock heart, Melbourne, Australia based four piece band Lane Chaser create vocal and musical hooks so infectious that it sends proverbial shivers down the spine of any listener. They have a sound that both soothes and inspires all at once. A sound so appealing that it could take them to the world stage. Taking cues from diverse but ultimately catchy musical sources such as Motorace, Jimmy Eat World, Kisschasey and Radiohead, Lane Chaser came together in 2009 and have not looked back. The band have treaded the boards in every imaginable venue across Melbourne and regional Victoria, sharing the stage with many of the top players in the industry today. They have headlined countless fundraisers and charity events and attained radio airplay in the UK, Japan and the USA. Lane Chaser’s live show is an explosion of raw sound, colour and energy, and with the band’s liberal and creative use of vocal and instrumental effects, remains very true to their recorded sound. It is now however, that the band really begins to make their mark, with the release of their debut album. Two years in the making, the album is a journey across captivating soundscapes, with a warm and accessable sound that has the listener feeling as if they were there for the making of the album. Lane Chaser is ready. You will want to turn it up!