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Indie, Hip Hop



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Laneous - Vocals/Guitar/Synth, Jo Diddley - Bass/Synth/Vocals, Peet G - Guitar/Keys/Samples/Vocals, BFF - Drums/MPC/Vocals

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Laneous & The Family Yah make Mutant Soul and Croon Punk for your earholes. Alternatively cheerful, smooth and demented, James ‘Laneous’ Lane navigates his band through fiercely syncopated, occasionally bombast and otherwise wobbly grooves with his trademark falsetto croon and charming hip hop murmurs. Bubbling up out of the Artisan hotbed that is Brisbane’s West End, they’ve finely tuned their high energy and dynamic live show the old fashioned way – through grueling trips up and down the East Coast, crashing on floors and fighting over DJ duties in the tour bus. L&TFY love touring. Although it’s difficult to say whether they are more addicted to touring or recording. The past year or two has seen them grace the stages of Big Day Out, Parklife, Sunset Sounds, Peats Ridge Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, a National Regurgitator Tour and many other festivals amongst their non stop slew of club shows. L&TFY breathe, eat, shit, and vomit music. With a staggering 9 releases (Paper EP is Out in January) including 2 acclaimed albums, it is fair to say that they are amongst the most prolific artists in Australia. 2011 sees them release their Found Things Collection. Consisting of 3 x EP's, The ‘Scissors’ (1st), ‘Paper’ (2nd), ‘Rock’ (3rd) series will see L&TFY dismantle and explore the many musical ideas on ‘Found Things’, one EP at a time. Loosely, ‘Scissors’ will lean towards soul and melody, ‘Paper’ - a quirkier indie pop, art rock vibe and ‘Rock’ - Afro Punk and Hip Hop. Featuring a complete re-imagining of a track from ‘Found Things’, each EP will then also contain a swag of new tracks in a similar musical vein. 2011 also saw the birth of L&TFY’s ‘Pink Dove Show’ – a radical event/experiment curated by the band on their own turf and on their own terms. Exploding in a Sold Out West End warehouse, crammed with sporadic performances, off the wall bands (including Ben Ely’s Pow Pow Wow, Potato Masta, Pastel Blaze and others), theatrical vignettes and booby traps and an abstract/erotic peep show, the massively successful ‘Pink Dove’ has become a blueprint for the kind of underground art party events and renegade shows that L&TFY plan on touring in the years to come. Having inked a deal with iconic Australian label Creative Vibes (through whom they released ‘Found Things’ in October and are releasing the accompanying ‘Found Things Collection’ throughout 2011) Laneous & The Family Yah continue to landslide through Australia gathering with them a happy trail of smiling freaks and bewildered bystanders. 2011/12 sees them broaden their horizons with extended residencies planned in both Berlin & New York and a few other stops as they open invitations to extended Family Yah around the world. “He's like human centipede sewn out of all the greatest musicians from the past 80 years.” Liam Pieper, Beat Magazine “They blend styles at will, effortlessly moving from silky soul to beat-heavy hip-hop, never sounding contrived or overreaching.” Dom Alessio, Triple J “The insanity involved here conjures up thoughts of Mike Patton remaking ‘The White Album’. Yes, it’s that good.” Ben Johnson, Scene Magazine “Found Things will become an essential summer soundtrack, accompanying many road-trips, drug-trips, skinny dips and lazy kips.” Chris Bright, Beat Magazine “If there was ever a time to jump on a bandwagon, now would be it with Laneous & The Family Yah.” Jason Strange, “Sometimes it's obvious when a band is reaching the critical mass that will take their music to a much bigger audience… Laneous and the Family Yah, that critical mass point is now.” Noel Mengel, The Courier-Mail “Best Albums Of 2010”