Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

John Butler, Tegan and Sara, The Waifs

band members

Lani Motiekaitis Lecia Louise


The Waifs, John Butler, Tegan and Sara, The Hussy Hicks

Unearthed artists we like

His Merry Men



Welcome to Lani and Lecia!

Our debut EP 'Beautiful You' is out now!!

You can download it from these sites...


Lani and Lecia are energetic accomplished musicians and songwriters. Their humorous, light-hearted approach to performance creates an engaging atmosphere while their original music rocks! Groovy riffs and smooth electric guitar licks give this duo a classy, cool feel while stomp box, tambourine and other percussion lend a folk flavour. Deep tones and rhythm of beat-box looped live and vocal looping effects take the music into a rocking sometimes psychadelic, feel. Lani and Lecia always have a few surprises up their sleeves. Lively mouth trumpet or stirring recorder solos add ingenuity to this vibrant original act.