Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Foo Fighters, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Luca Brasi

band members

Flynn Gillingham (Lead singer, Rhythm guitarist) Connor Singline (Lead guitarist) Alex Philpott (Bass) Aiden Read (Drums)


Foo Fighters, Luca Brasi, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Silverchair, Kings of Leon, Slowly Slowly, The Sleepyheads

Unearthed artists we like

Squashed Lizard, Dear Seattle, The Sleepyheads



This is Lanky Laneway, a 4 piece band based in Launceston, Tasmania, who love to rock out and that's the only thing they want to do with the rest of their lives. They all go to Launceston College and are heavily invested in music as it is their dream to make it into the music scene.

Formed late in 2018 , writing music started straight away. So far they have recorded and released their first 5 song EP, which was recorded atDisclosed Recordings