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Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Soundgarden - Alice In Chains , Black Sabbath - Pj Harvey, Sepultura , Pantera

band members

HANNA OSMAN- Guitar/Vocals/Lyrics. RYAN DILLON- Drums/Vocals.


Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, P.J.Harvey, Aretha Franklin, Tool, Edith Piaff, Alice In Chains , Sepultura , Pantera



Swinging to odd time signatures and packing blows bigger than most 4 piece bands, this two piece rock/grunge/alternative, raucous ensemble display awe inspiring, original musicianship.
Vocalist/Guitarist Hanna Osman and Drummer/Back Up Vocalist, Ryan Dillon have carefully tailored their sound to enthral audiences and like no other, emit a magnetic chemistry live on stage. With Ryan's animalistic drum beats cleverly placed, the drop 'D' queens odd time signatures, lyrics based on true events and a voice quoted as, "one of the best rock voices to come out of Perth in a long time" (Daniel Cribb - Drum Media), Lantana have created an impressive wall of rock/grunge sound, captivating the inquisitive, drawing crowds closer.
Bouncing back as a tour-de-force in 2014 (after an unwanted extensive break), Lantana have since experimented with new equipment and re-birthed a new and improved, fatter sound, set to hit like a nuclear holocaust.
Currently, Lantana have finished their debut 11 track LP. Recorded at Vision Studios by John Prosser, mixed at Vision Studios by John Prosser and Lantana and mastered by Al 'Dr Alien' Smith at BERGERK!, Lantana will unleash this beast into the world in 2020.
Kept in secret, the title of the LP perfectly reflects an overture of the wars endured and consistently battled, however, it is more so defined in the lyrics and felt in the rhythms, cathartically produced by Lantana in their newborn gem.
To taste a piece of the juice, check out the new track, 'Hide From The World' via the toooob link below.
"Teach them all happiness, so there is peace," (Hanna Osman 2018 excerpt from Lantana's track, Saeada).