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Sounds like

Slayer, Kreator, At The Gates,Madball

band members

Jason Parker - Bass Damien Biggers - Drums Casey Dutton - Vocals Mick Perry - Guitar Matt Devoy - Guitar



Last 9 Days is a five man wrecking crew from Brisbane. Forming in late 2014 from other established Australian metal acts, they hit the local scene with a sharp edged thrash attack and entered the studio to record a 6 song demo sampler.
Following a stream of shows locally and interstate they entered the studio again and smashed out their full length album 'In Decline' which showcases a heavy mix of diversity and intensity.
Keep a look out for Last 9 Days in 2017 !


Review by Mitch Alexander Mitch Alexander

19 Jan 2017

Triple J

Tough, but spelled tuff

Tough, but spelled tuff