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Electronic, Indie, Rock


Bjork, Sarah Blasko, Emma Louise, Gwen Stefani, Sigur Ros, Blink 182

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WAAX, G Flip, Montaigne, Middle Kids, MEG MAC, San Mei, Didirri



Laudy is an emerging singer/songwriter hailing from the regional Queensland town of Kingaroy. Her classical piano roots and eclectic influences, spanning pop-punk, heavy metal, electronica and alternative, juxtapose in her songwriting to deliver a unique electonica/indie rock sound. She draws inspiration for her lyrics from the feminine strength she sees emerging in the world around her as well as her own personal journey of self discovery and empowerment. Her debut single “Lioness” is out now on BandCamp, iTunes and Spotify. Watch out for news of her debut EP, due to drop later this year.