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Indie, Rock

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Gang of Youths, Silverchair, Bruce Springsteen, Soundgarden

band members

Laurie Luke


Soundgarden, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Tool, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker, Failure, Alice In Chains

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Outrageous fortune is a scenario that singer/songwriter Laurie Luke has endured and ultimately turned into an incredibly ambitious debut EP. Way Back When is both the EP and the experience. The songs evoke the saga.

Escape, success, failure, love and heartbreak. A raw, genre defying musical statement, that retains its cohesiveness with brilliant, loud guitar work inspired by 90's Rock icons Soundgarden and Silverchair.

The soulful side of the record is explored with a fearless abandon. Piano, organ and brass instrumentation add colour and vibrancy, expanding the rock palette into a larger than life opus. Laurie Lukes versatility as a songwriter, performer and producer come from years of experience touring and recording in various musical expressions.
Over that time Laurie was recording entire albums at home that were mixed, mastered and stored away. Personal turbulence was a catalyst to focus his time and intensity into music, but on a release that would actually see the light of day.

With Way Back When released and a formidable, energetic live band to deliver it on stages around the country, Laurie Luke's songs are bound to be heard loud and clear.