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Jake James, Locky Beresford, Jay Pittas, Nicko Sinclair

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Lazarus Mode is an emerging hard rock band from Australia, united by a passion for high-energy, hard 'n' fast, in-your-face rock and or roll.

With all guns blazing, they blasted onto the scene in early 2013 with their debut single and music video "The Way It Is", followed by a torrent of shows blowing away audiences with their molotov cocktail of classic and modern rock.

"Their music is highly energetic and performed with some serious conviction... what’s even better is the appreciation that they get from the crowd. It’s always great as a venue owner to have punters raving about how good the bands are and with Lazarus Mode we have always had that kind of reception."
– Paul Zourkas, Music Man Megastore, Bendigo.

"...just confirms the reason we were all there in the first place: because live music makes us feel good"
– Dennis (Fan).

Lazarus Mode have travelled far and wide, overcoming many obstacles - even cheating Death himself - to reach their destination.

They have performed at some of Australia's premier live music establishments, including: the Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne's world-famed Cherry Bar, and Adelaide's Worldsend Hotel, among many others.

They have also performed alongside some of Australia's great talents, including: Ezekiel Ox's Over Reactor, 28 Days, Massive, Empra, China Vagina, Guards of May, Arcane Saints, The Deep End, Smokin' Mirrors, Twenty Two Hundred, and Heaven The Axe. Lazarus Mode also performed at Saltar Hype's Rock The Bay music festival in 2014.

Lazarus Mode released their debut EP 'Ignite' in February of 2014 at Rock The Bay music festival. Since it’s release, 'Ignite' has been featured on Channel 31’s 'The Hard Rock Show,' receiving high praise from the show’s hosts, who proclaimed it "the best thing [they'd] ever heard."

'Ignite' has also been featured on radio stations all throughout Australia, the US, the UK and Canada, including artist features on 97.3 'The Rock' (Iowa, USA), 'Radio Rebel TV’s: Double Meat Pizza Show,' Triple M's 'Homegrown,' and 'OzMade.'

Lazarus Mode released their latest single and music video "Ignite" (the title track off their debut EP) in October of 2014, which premiered on 'The Hard Rock Show.' The music video was filmed by director and producer Gary Robertson (Jarrah Film) who also directed and produced Sydonia's "Reality Kicks".

Lazarus Mode have big plans for the coming year, including rural, interstate and international tours, new singles and music video releases, and a full length studio album with world renowned recording and mixing engineer and producer Ermin Hamidovic (Elm Street's 'Barbed Wire,' Orpheus' 'Bleed The Way' and 'So It Begins…').

- Al Gibson, Monkee Lounge Blog

"If you haven't seen or heard of them yet, do yourself a favour and check them out. These guys are well on the way to being one of Australia’s finest original rock bands."
– Paul Zourkas, Music Man Megastore, Bendigo.

"Great rock song and great production. Awesome live show, full of energy - all round solid rock band!"
– Ben Sarros, Premier Artists