Artist info


Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Radiohead, David Byrne, Joe Hisaishi

band members

Paul Kingston - Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Arthur Kingston - Bass, Caleb Kingston - Drums, Vocals, Jack Martin - Guitar, Keys, Vocals


Radiohead, J.S. Bach, Astor Piazzolla


It’s hard to describe the Le Kingste sound. Ask any of the brothers to make you a mixed tape and you’ll be assaulted by all the greats; from Liszt to YMO, Bowie to Pivot. Their influences run wide and diverse and about the closest anyone has come to describing them is ‘Dark Pop’. You’re best off listening and deciding for yourself. Le Kingste are one of Australia’s most compelling young bands. Their music is like no other and their live show is something to behold. Please, do try them.