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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Ball Park Music, The Cat Empire, Sticky Fingers

band members

Hayden Wilkinson - Vocals and Guitar. Sam Pfister - Vocals, Guitar and Keys. Emily Ritchie - Vocals. Jake Parker - Bass, Tenor Saxophone and Vocals. Stuart McNair - Trumpet. Geordie Crawford - Alto Saxophone. Kyle Eardley - Trombone. Rhyan Clapham - Drums, Percussion and Vocals.


Reel big fish, Yves Klein Blue, Caravan Palace


Le Tour de Funk went through many phases before actually becoming LTdF. It started off as a bunch of jazz trained kids from Wollongong, who all sat in a room one day, thinking "How can we turn a Capitalist society into a fun-loving, raunchy horn-crazy anarchy?" Naturally we did it, and since then, this little group has undergone many changes and phases until finally we started writing our own stuff, and hence "Le Tour de Funk" was born. We do gigs at parties, bars, cafes, but pretty much anything you want we can do. Smooth Jazz? Ecstasy infused raves? Funkin' Funk? Classical Concertos? Whatever you guys want, we can breezeblock our way through it. With a number of gigs played and a few demo tracks recorded (and more on the way very soon), Le Tour de Funk provides you with our Skankin' rhythms, funky beats and our own brand of horn filled dance. "Le Tour de Funk" is here ready to jam the jam off a piece of raspberry jam toast and keep it rocking into the night. Stay fuzzy!