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Roots, Pop

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Leah Grant-vocals/harmonies,guitar


Bob Dylan, the beatles, PJ Harvey


Years of breathing the dust and basking in the seclusion of a rural upbringing afforded Leah the space and time to establish a strong value in contemplation and pondering. It is with this matured craft of consideration that she approaches song-writing. Her songs are born of sincerity and openness with a hint of tea-stained longing for the past. With a mix of playful pop-folk, delicate lullaby’s and moody vocal driven intonations, Leah draws from her experiences, emotions and imagination creating songs that are genuine and thoughtfully crafted. Leah has worked on several projects, including the compilation ‘One quiet word’ which will be released early this year. One of her earlier songs ‘Lately’ received airplay on Nova, and appeared on the WAM Next Big Thing winners’ compilation CD in 2005. Having performed since age eleven in various bands and now as a solo artist, a stage shaped familiarity has worn itself into Leah’s Performance. As a glimpse into her own personal diary, the intimacy with her audience Leah craves draws them deeper into the plot.