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Indie, Rock

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band members

Sheri Motiekaitis - lead vox, piano; Mitch Finglas - vox, guitars; Brent Quirk - vox, drums; Jay Carter - bass


Beck, Queens of the Stone Age, Bjork

Unearthed artists we like

LadyBird, Big Scary, boWsER, Glass Empire, DEJA, COTTON SIDEWALK



LeBelle are four minds driven by sonic and dynamic perfection.. Their passion in a live and studio format shines through with bright colours and raw honesty. After touring Europe in late 2011 the band have a taste for the future and are writing non stop to lay down their long awaited Debut album, gathering momentum and EARNING the respect from first and foremost FANS and promoters/agents along the way. The Debut LP will be their statement to the ears and eyes of Australian music lovers....