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Hip Hop

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Common, Brother Ali, Horrorshow

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Jeames Williams - MC/Producer


90's Hip Hop, Hilltop Hoods, EMINEM


Lee EmCee

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

27 Nov

Pallet Bar & B...

Brisbane, 4101

West End



Jeames Williams (Lee EmCee) was born to Brisbane in 1989. Music has been a major influence throughout his life. Throughout school years, he learnt to read & write music & studied various musical instruments. By grade 10, hip hop was further introduced, and a new chapter was born...

Receiving the nickname 'LeeBoy' at school; when Jeames would skip class, to avoid getting caught he would wear an under shirt with "LEE" in bold writing. One of his friends starting calling him LeeBoy and the name has stuck with him ever since.

After leaving school, freestyling was just the beginning. Lee started writing rhymes, sights set on making music with true meaning behind the lyrics. Before going any further a name was needed; Lee EmCee.

Lee EmCee is in tune with the world around him and defines his own style of positive hip hop. Lee rhymes words of meaning, in a story like manner with hidden messages and smart lyrics. He writes of family, friends, life, the good and the bad, past experiences and tales of the heart.

Even though Lee isn't a battle rapper, he entered 'Megiddo Street Battles' in 2009, placing 3rd for his first appearance on the scene. Lee also made 2 appearances in the Real Talk Battle League.

In 2010, Lee EmCee released his first MixTape consisting of 11 songs! Featuring artists: Australian MC’s “Crakky” & “Focus”, American MC “Praverb The Wyse”, & Scotland MC “Werd”. Hit song "Love Letter" made it to the Top 40 Hip Hop 2011 on OurStage.

In August 2013, Lee EmCee released his 2nd MixTape called "Heads Up, Pen Down" consisting of 18 songs! Featuring artists: Australian MC’s “SweetSound”, “Nastaij” & “Sam Paul”. Scotland MC’s “Werd”, “Bright Sparks” & “Conscious Route”. American MC’s “Spence”, “Danny Darko” + more!

Hit song "A Demon Within" was immediately the crowd favourite! "A Demon Within" landed #20 on the Triple J Unearthed charts in May 2013; also "The Way We Act" landed #16 on the Charts in August 2013. Thanks to the request of fans, both songs have been played live on Triple J Unearthed Radio!

In late 2013, Lee upgraded his home studio to accommodate the AKAI MPK49, which has helped him to start work on some instrumentals for future albums. Lee loves digging through old Jazz, Funk & Soul Vinyls to find the sounds he needs to create some classic hip hop beats.

In June 2014, Lee released song “Giving Up” which is to be featured on his upcoming EP (release 2016). In December 2014 the song was uploaded to Triple J Unearthed and placed #3 in the Hip Hop Charts.

Lee EmCee performs at local venues around Brisbane. You are sure to catch him freestyling at Open Mic Nights. In 2013 Lee performed at The Queensport in Hemmant & supported local Hip Hop group Classik Nawu at the Beetle Bar in the City. In February 2014, Lee EmCee performed at The Transcontinental Hotel supporting for NJE SHOWCASE and at the HI-FI for UNDERGROUND FEST. For the rest of 2014 Lee also performed at Manly Deck, The Lab, Cellar Club & the Queensport XMAS Party where he received the award for “MOST IMPROVED 2014”.

Plans for 2015 consist of supporting NJE in January for a 2nd time at the UnderDog Pub. Also performing at UNDERGROUND FEST for the 2nd time in February. Late November will be performing for a gig sponsored by "Dope Rappers" in West End at the Pallet Bar. Be sure to follow on Social Media to be up to date with latest event details!

Lee has already begun to start work on his next project, which is anticipated for release 2016! Keep an ear out for this one is not to be missed. Lee is also working to release a self made project that is entirely his work – beats, lyrics & production – to be released 2017.

If you want to contact Lee EmCee for a gig or collaboration, email on:


Reviewed by Lachie Balboa Lachie Macara

22 Aug 2013

Triple J

That beat is insane man. Wish it was three times as long. Couple of trips in your flow but it's still real solid.

That beat is insane man. Wish it was three times as long. Couple of trips in your flow but it's still real solid.


Review by Opposite opposite

11 Apr 2015


So chilled and free dude, should have airplay!

So chilled and free dude, should have airplay!



28 Jan 2015


You've got it man! nice beat

You've got it man! nice beat