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Hip Hop

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Horrorshow, Thundamentals

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Lee Monro


J Cole, Pharoahe Monch



“ I feel like I give my hip hop community an authentic bridge between our Australian
interpretation of the art form and a respect and knowledge of where the culture originally

derived from in the US” Lee Monro

Lee Monro could teach you a thing or two about the art of evolution in the Australian Hip Hop game. The Sydney based emcee has survived the winds of reinvention and change in an industry that in itself still strives to solidify its place in the global Hip Hop community. For those that know Lee Monro they will know of his tenacity and ferocious work ethic as one of our industry’s most respected hip hop artists.

With a career spanning close to two decades, Monro first burst onto the hip hop scene under the elusive moniker Figgkidd. Touted by critics as Australia’s version of Eminem, Monro went against the odds to prove that the similarities between Em and Figgkidd were few and far between and that what his artistry stood for was originality and a style replicated by none!

Since reinventing himself in 2012 dropping Figgkidd for his true self as Lee Monro and shedding the hip hop alter-ego, a raw version of talent and wordplay ensued, creating an artist that is completely engaging and thought provoking through rhyme.
As the hip hop worlds influences are constantly changing, from boom-bap to trap, R&B to pop, one consistency remains in that Monro always delivers his truth and speaks his mind in its rawest form.

He is a multi talented artist/ mentor/ cartoonist that pushes himself to be the best in his field sonically, lyrically and honorably. A pioneer in the Australian hip hop industry and an emcee that is respected and exalted by his fans and peers alike, Lee Monro is a study in authenticity and ferocious work ethic, grinding like no other and creating a legacy that is second to none!