Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

ACDC, Keith urban, Jimmy Barnes

band members

Lee Morgan - Guitar & lead vocals, Dave Beaton - Bass guitar, Nicholas Hunt - Drums, Olaf Scott - Keys


Lee “Sonnyboy” Morgan, a knock-down-walls guitarist, is a floor shattering and earthmoving barrage of sheer rock and country. Lee is a man to watch, as his solo career and vivacious guitar strung tunes embrace a new phase in country rock music. Picture a mix of Mark Knopfler, Eddie Van Halen and Brad Paisley all shook up with the fire and passion of Hendrix creating a unique sound and atmosphere all his own producing a dynamic blend of 70’s rock with hooks and melodies that at times can leave you breathless. Lee takes his audience on a journey through this crazy thing called life with his uplifting guitar rifts, distinctive voice and lyrical depth. From love lost to love found, to sunny Sunday afternoons, the war in Iraq and the passionate pleas and reflection of his anthem track Reconciliation Song which captures the story of his indigenous heritage, the human spirit and sharing of the land we all walk on. Growing up as a boy from the bush with musical talent on every haystack, he learnt from some of the best musicians in the country. Lee’s niche in the country-rock world derives from a history of folk, roots, country, rock and acid-country. Since then Lee has performed and appeared on many albums as a guitar-gun for hire with some of Australia’s legendary musical talents including Shane Howard, Archie Roach, Rubie Hunter, Jessica Mauboy, Dean Geyer and The Mary G Show. This humble guy has found a voice all of his own, with songs shyly kept; at long last he has stepped out from behind the spotlight to forge a solo career. “Sonnyboy” his first self-produced independently released EP in 2008 is a taste of things to come. The title is a childhood nickname given by his elders that carry the teaching and memories of spending time out on the Framlingham mission as a boy. Lee continues the storytelling that was inspired by his indigenous grandfather, the great Banjo Clarke (Wisdom Man) that we all share the land we walk on. The response to Lee has been outstanding with him astonishing audiences with his energetic show, playing at venues across Melbourne and Victoria including festivals such as Port Fairy, Apollo Bay and St Kilda. Morgan is heading back to the studio to record a new full-length album. Joining him will be a host of special guests including Shane Howard, Archie Roach and Dan Sultan. The addition of pedal steel, mandolin and Hammond on the album will create a sound that is truly a country rock revolution. "…Talented, generous and respectful, he honours the legacy of his Aboriginal heritage. He is an exceptionally gifted guitar player, live or in the studio." - Shane Howard