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Indie, Pop

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David Bowie, Grace Jones, Elvis Presley

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Kikuyu , Big Dumb Kid


Imagine yourself watching an episode of the young ones. It’s one of those episodes where there is a band playing in a corner of the room. On the other side of the room you notice Kele from Bloc Party, Damien from blur & Grace Jones arguing politics! This moment of calamity is Lee’Mon! In late 2011 Lee’Mon began building a record with producer Paul ‘Woody’ Annison (Children Collide, Hunting grounds, Black Cab) featuring an unusual array of instruments, noises and personalities, along with Lee’Mon’s trademark rustic voice. The process would eventually take over 12 months and the result is one eclectic record! Set for release in mid 2013, the record is passionate, it’s both awkward and honest, it’s catchy like pop but feels equally grounded. During the recording process Lee’Mon hooked up with Melbourne based Indie label ‘Redcat Sounds’ (Hunting Grounds, Daniel Lee Kendall, Young Revelry & The Living End) and MGM to release the first single ‘Albury’ which featured a sinister clown video clip directed by Lee’Mon. Following up from ‘Albury’ Lee’Mon’s latest offering ‘Genetics’ is a heart thumping pop bonanza exploding with rambunctious rhythms, bolstering basslines & cheesy cha cha cha’s!! The song features a barrage of instruments, claps & odd sounding noises culminating in a crescendo of chorus. Once again Lee’Mon stepped behind the camera to direct the video clip and the result is one messy ordeal! “This combination of instruments is unconventional and fun” Inpress Magazine “They have such a relaxed, un-buttoned air about them; catchy melodies and nice little hooks seem to ooze out with ease.” Deaf Ambitions ------------------------------------------------------------


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

27 Jun 2013

Triple J

Stick with this ...

Stick with this one and it really unfolds into something cool with layers of spacey, harmony-heavy pop showing off Lee'Mon's knack for quirky and inventive songwriting.

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Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

04 May 2012

Triple J

Adventurous, mys...

Adventurous, mysterious, intriguing... that's how I'd describe Lee'Mon. Another interesting tune right here.

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24 Jul 2012


I really love th...

I really love this song with its dark vocals. Saw the clip on youtube and loved it ! Great effort.

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