Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Frente, Lily Allen

band members

Aliese Millington - vox, keyboard, Bek Worsman - drums, Tim Whitt - bass and stuff!


Bjork, Tori Amos


LeighStarDust has been showing up fashionably late to performances since 1997. Between-song-banter is her raison d´être and her quirky poptastic mix of Casio and vocals has earned her many a dubious offer. Her 2002 debut EP, ‘Manly Detectives’ sat at the top of local radio station 3D’s charts for several weeks and came in at number 17 in the 2002 Top 100+1 for 3D. In 2003, LeighStarDust played at the Big Day Out with her then-band, Hello Minnesota. She was voted Best Solo Performer (Female) by the readers of dB Magazine in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Her 2005 EP, They Make Good Pets (But I Don’t Have One) also rode high in 3D charts and won Best EP in the dB Readers Awards for that year, and the LeighStarDust's first video clip was made to showcase the title track of the EP. A 2005 Christmas present for LeighStarDust was the release of an album of Adelaide artists covering her work, titled If I Dress Up, A Tribute to LeighStarDust (Blank Tapes). New activities for LeighStarDust include the addition of a drummer (the wondrous Bek), recording a new EP (July 2006), performing at the 2006 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, making a guest appearance during the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Edge 1: Rewrites’ concerts and appearing on the soundtrack to a new Australian feature film, Shot of Love. Watch out for LeighStarDust coming to a gig or television screen near you!