Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Modest Mouse, The Black Keys, Ball Park Music

band members

Tanu Hudson: Vocals, Guitar, Production Izabela Margio: Vocals, Big Fat Guitar, Lachlan Kent: Bang Dang Things


The Black Keys, The Beatles



Lemon Lime Biters are the new young Mod/Pop Rock band, all members hailing
from the same corner in South Fremantle (as can be heard in their lyrics); the
band fuses modern rock, pop and folk. Their sound is inspired by the Black Keys
and Ball Park Music but is often likened to Modest Mouse. LLB try to write songs
that have varied dynamics lots of break downs and builds, ideally the listener can
dance to it but have to stay on their toes, not knowing exactly know what will
happen next. Their debut single ‘Muddled Mind” is self produced and is different
to their live sound using lots of sampled material, synths and a hip hop base;
while the same song live is driven by fuzzed guitar and rock drums. With lots of
gigging around town the band is quickly forming a fan base gaining recognition
for their lively performances and aesthetic style. Keep an eye out they are sure
to play a venue near you soon.