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Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock

band members

Abhishek S. Mishra (Nepal) - Vocals - Guitar Bibek Tamang (Nepal/Australia) - Drums - Electronics Alice Floyd (Australia) - Manager


“A cavalcade of sound and realities we always wished to explore.” That is how the duo of Bibek Tamang & Abhishek S. Mishra (ASM) describe their time in LeoAries as.

Long hailed as one of the best drummers in Nepal, Bibek Tamang had already achieved mainstream success with Underside (Nepal) before joining another popular rock act, Anuprastha (Nepal). His musical endeavours crossed paths with a kindred spirit of sorts in ASM. Abhishek has gained popularity through his work with the blues band Spirit X (Nepal), and his solo advents have yielded him success with a recent tour of the US. But his mind also fluttered to explore more, and a chance jam session with Bibek brought LeoAries to life. With two singles ‘One’ and ‘Never Too Late’ already released, LeoAries is working towards a Self-Titled EP. Their debut has brought them to the centre of the electronic movement in Nepal.

With Bibek now based in Australia, the duo have two continents to conquer as they continue to write and record songs for their upcoming EP - Bibek from his home based studio on a small island in north-east Arnhem Land NT, and Abhishek from the foothills of the Himalayas in Kathmandu.