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Leon Siebel, Marc Siebel



"It's been a long and committed road since the days of running a large fashion store in Australia with my family. I always knew fashion wasn't my calling, and ever since I discovered music production I haven't looked back. I'm happy to have made such a big impact with my music" ~ Leon Siebel

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Producer and live performance Trance DJ Leon Siebel is now back in Berlin where his Trance love affair began. His recent single Violet Skies was the brainchild of Leon and his brother (producer/engineer) Marc Siebel, where the collaborative magic took place over one very long night in Berlin.

With a myriad of small live shows across Australia and Central Europe under their belts, DJ Leon Siebel and brother Marc Siebel are sure to make a huge impact in the near future.