Artist info


Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

The Waifs, Dave Matthews Band, Tribal, nature, earthy, Tracy Chapman

band members

Kate Leopold - Acoustic guitar, lead vocals Dave Honeyman - Acoustic guitar, ukele, harmonica, harmonies Kieran Richardt - Weissenborn slide guitar, harmonies Neil MacLeod - Flute, harmonica, bass clarinet Daniel Watts - Drums Sarah Dern - Bass guitar


Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, Nahko & Medicine for the people, The Waifs, Joan Armatrading, John Butler, Paul Simon, The Be Good Tanyas



Leopold's Treat write and play from the heart. They describe their music as 'experimental acoustic folk', seeing dynamic rhythms intertwined with emotive slide guitar and bright acoustic melodies. Kate Leopold delivers powerful vocals that are at times reflective or energizing and somewhat soothing...


The treats have recently been back in the recording studio and are excited about the release of their new single 'Gracie' on the 22.11.18. Here's what some of their reviewers have said about the song:

“With their divine new single, 'Gracie', treasured local collective Leopold's Treat have delivered a gently ebbing slice of moody folk with countrified undertones. Resplendent with the shadows of the late afternoon sun filtering through gently swaying branches, Kate Leopold delivers her words with moving grace and goose bump induing clarity, while the band fall in behind her, colouring its steady, acoustic driven tempo with evocative washes of lap steel and finger picked guitar gorgeousness.” - Anthony Gebhardt, Blank GC

"'Gracie' is the latest song by Leopold's Treat, and it will make you wish you had ten pairs of ears for every nuance in the lyrics, every strum and slide of guitar, every rise and fall of this beautifully crafted offering. There's angst in this song, but you have to tap into something of yourself for it to be truly realised...just as Leopold's Treat taps into itself to bring you this hauntingly honest sound. I found myself reflecting on things lost, loved ones lost, opportunities missed to speak a truth, if only to myself.

"Just like my Mother and all my Mothers before" is the line that packed the punch for me. It's powerful. It reminded me of a quote I once heard from a lecturer at uni. "Women are born of women," she told us, "and that's why the bond is so strong."
Is it any wonder I wanted to stay on that journey of "Gracie" til the very end?” – Amy McDonald, former ABC broadcaster


The new recording has been the culmination of a sweet year for the band, having played earlier on in the year at Bleach Festival and multiple events surrounding the Commonwealth Games, as well as their own unique, custom made concerts. In 2016 they received the Gold Coast Music Awards 'Emerging Artist of the Year' award. They continue to develop their grassroots folk sound, which has been compared to the likes of the Waifs and the Dave Matthews Band.

In addition to their own creative fire, they are inspired by friends, fans and others within their creative community who describe their music as 'fun', 'light hearted', 'uplifting', 'healing' and 'refreshing'. Sing alongs and dancing have become a regular part of the show, which is also interlaced with instrumentals that may whisper to the wild within and at other times drop the whole room into meditation.