Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Mike Patton, LeSuits, The Cat Empire (on crack)

band members

Barnes Mackay: Guitar/Vocals Lars Andersen: Lead Bass Lachlan Kidd: Guitar Rob Zosars: Keys/Vocals Matt McKean: Lead Drums Alice Wheeler: Trum Tom Budgeon: Trombonana Mara Smeathers: Registered Sax Offender


Incubus, Frank Zappa, meshuggah


LeSuits are a nine piece funk/metal musical burrito from Brisbane. With on stage energy that rivals a plutonium-powered reciprocating saw and off stage antics as absurd as Dr. Seuss on a red cordial bender, LeSuits are exploding stages up and down the east coast with raucous riffs, bangin' bass, diabolical drums and bounding brass. Imagine dancing all night to the sound of nine people jamming with Jack Black, Toto, Zappa, Karnivool, Mr Bungle and just a hint of Earth Wind and Fire and, wrap that feeling in a burrito, add some extra cheese and BAM, you've got LeSuits oozing on your shirt. Download or stream our EP at