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Indie, Pop, Roots

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Leticia Maher



Leticia Maher is a singer/guitarist/songwriter who has been performing around Melbourne and surrounds over the past few years, and will be releasing her 3rd album on November 1st "Behind Blue Skies", 2018. Above it all, Leticia’s crystal clear and haunting voice draws you in – a mixture of strength and vulnerability, mystery and familiarity, both soothing and uplifting. Leticia's voice is an instrument capable of broad swathes of expression… and this sums up her new album: torchy soul, playful country, sophisticated pop jazz, vampy blues, and smoky cabaret. Her singing brings to mind the clarity of Eva Cassidy, the intimacy of Bic Runga, "her lead guitar playing tells me stories and takes me to places that only Leticia knows..." Leticia has a long list of wins and placements in singing and songwriting competitions across many genres.