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Dance, Electronic

band members

J McArthur- sound manipulations and drum programming


Ritchie Hawtin, Gui Baratto, Throbbing Gristle

Unearthed artists we like

No Birds


In the early nineties electronic production started for LBM with the post-punk experiments of AM-OV-MEME with sound collage artist Tyson Vills, which then lead the warehouse acid sounds of MERCURY TRANSMISSIONS. After numerous infamous shows and being banned from some venues; LBM moved on to AMOEBA with co-producer James Carpenter and guest appearances by Justin De Leeuw. AMOEBA played a dominate roll in the live dance and electronic scene in Adelaide bringing their blend of tech house and techno to the Adelaide & Melbourne Clubs. After many years in the Adelaide electronic muzak scene and nominated 5 times for best live act @ SADMA , plus several releases under their belts it has become time for an evolution and splitting of cells. Now he has had a shift towards a focus on just purely techno under the new moniker of “Let’s Be Modern”…