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Hip Hop, Indie

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Kmalith || Phantom || La Mob$tah || Mike || Kalib || Korf ||


Notorious B.I.G || Levi ||


Levi was Born in 1998, at Alexandria, Egypt. His family then Migrated to Melbourne, Australia due to the War and struggles of South Sudan. At his young age, he would often hear his siblings play HIP-HOP Music daily, which played a big part of him developing major interests in Music in general. He began playing drums and Keyboard for the Choir in church at the age of 9/10. Levi Started Rapping at the age of 15, It was rappers such as Notorious B.I.G, Nas and 50 cent who inspired Levi to ryhme. Levi grew a little fan base over social media from dropping short freestyle videos, then moved on to Uploading full tracks on Soundcloud. His song, Potential that was recently dropped, gained alot of hype on Soundcloud. Levi and the Rest of the Rap Collective GREMLNS, have big plans for Melbourne/Australian HIP-HOP, plans that will put this country on the MAP!