Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Birds of Tokyo, Closure In Moscow, chilli peppers

band members

Sean - Bass, Vocals Steve - Guitar Brenton - Guitar, vocals Mitch - Drums, Vocals


Phoenix, karnivool, Queens Of The Stone Age


"What are we waiting here for?" According to the title track from their debut EP 'The Weight', it's something Levic don't know either. But for anyone who's been captivated by the talented troubadours' infectious live show, the wait is over; 'The Weight' has dropped. Levic's formative years may still be lingering in their rearview mirror, but upon one's first experience of their sonic artwork, it is evident that the history of this Brisbane design-bending quartet extends far beyond the mid-to-late noughties. Four short lifetimes have accumulated a myriad of influences, the products of which coalesce harmoniously, fusing to create their own sound and style unique to the rock medium: too heavy to be indie, too melodic to be metal, too unconventionally rhythmic for rock 'n roll - too versatile to be pigeonholed. Soaring over the eclectic electricity, three emphatic voices entwine around alluring lyrics that instantly catch the ear. Yet there is no formula; every Levic song is different to the last. No matter what stage they take - be it at a small-town folk festival or on a metal bill in the city - Levic always turn heads (bodies and feet often follow). From the very first note they're tight and dynamic, powerful and professional. However, what is most remarkable about their live performance is their understated, honest stage presence. No pre-planned banter with the crowd or synchronised head-banging in matching jeans, just four musicians playing music and enjoying it. A quick peripheral scan around at the audience, and one may see the energy feedback loop in action: inhibitions caving, extremities misbehaving, and the same sly blissful grin slapped across everybody's faces. It's not hard to understand why people resonate with Levic's music and performances: what they are creating is REAL - it's organic, it's from the heart and it can't be dismissed to a sub-genre, not to mention scripted for mass consumption. What is real may only be a mouse-click away, and you might just wonder what you were waiting here for. - Bob Declan of Reagent