Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Rose Tattoo, Canned Heat, Howlin' Wolf, The Stooges, ACDC

band members

Vocals & Harmonica - Gong Lead Guitar and Gum Leaf - Danny Biazzo Bass Guitar and Leather Whip - Paco de Kuleto Drums, Congos & Fellatio Sounds - Biraj


ACDC, Thomas Sankara, Funkadelic, The Fugs



Whatever happened to music that got you in the mood?
Music with a bit of soul?
Music that grabs you by the throat and won’t let go until you’re sweating and shaking with its rhythm?
We don’t know where that went, but we’re trying to dish some of it out on the streets of Sydney.

L.G. Fuzz is here to carry the torch of those gods who came before us. And we’re gonna use that torch to burn the whole forest down. With blues to make you boogie, rhythm for your eardrums, and rock that’s gonna shock, we’ve cut away all the bullshit.
We write our songs. We play our songs. We produce our songs.
And most importantly, we love our songs.

Get around it or get fucked