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Rock, Roots

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The War On Drugs, Paul Kelly, Neil Young


Paul Kelly, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Kurt Vile, The War On Drugs


Liam Wright is a singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. His emotive words and unique sound create a folk-rock style, grabbing your attention with relatable and clever lyrics. His live act is full of emotion and reels you in whilst bobbing along to his catchy hooks and guitars.

After 4 years of touring and recording Liam has scaled the east coast playing gigs whilst releasing his EP, Castaway, along with singles such as The Lighthouse and Younger.

Described by Happy Mag "With a brooding and soulful folk tone, Wright is walking in the footsteps of Australian folk greats Angus Stone and Lisa Mitchell."

Originally from Canberra, the first few years of his music career were spent busking and travelling along the South Coast of NSW. Playing at pubs all over regional Australia his first tour in 2018 took him to the likes of Melbourne, Sydney and all the way to Brisbane. Liam has also supported for a bunch of artists’ such as Kim Churchill, Iluka, Shaun Kirk and many more.

Now relocating to Melbourne the 21 year-old feels the beginning of a new chapter in his music with the release of his second EP set for the new year. Reinventing himself Liam has spent over 2 years working on his new and produced sound and says it’s the closest he’s been to satisfaction.

Liam Wright's new single 'Rabbit Trap' is out November 18.