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Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Libertines, Nirvana, The Arctic Monkeys, The Living End, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the clash, nofx, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant

band members

Lead Vox - Anthony Ross
Guitar - Joel Brokate
Drums - Fernando Castaneda
Bass - Ben Tarpey


The Libertines, Nirvana, The Brian Jonestown Massacre



Lieutenant Jam

Mature content

25 Apr

Cherry Bar

Melbourne, 3000

Melbourne CBD



***Official Launch Cherry Bar, Melbourne CBD 25th April with Naked Bodies and Vision St

Howling and cursing from the neon depths of sweat-soaked Melbourne surburbia - crashing into your local pub like a big-block engine through a brick wall - LIEUTENANT JAM! - chanting their catchier-than-a-wildfire lyrics they stomp the stage to sawdust!

The band consist of 3 songwriters and a shredding artist; A Robert Plant vocal ranging singer, a jazz turned rock guitarist, metal drummer and a bass player keeping them in line combine to smash up the stage, launch the odd obscenity while launching out refreshing distorted soundwaves.

The band prides itself on creating the wild House Party on Wheels Festival it runs with over 40 bands smashing it out in people’s living rooms and venues. Over 100 local bands and soloists have now participated including at Howler, Brunswick Hotel and Bar 291 + tonnes of house parties!

Lieutenant Jam consists of Anthony Ross on lead vocals, Joel Melbourne on lead guitar, Ben Tarpey on Bass and Fernando Castaneda on drums.

The band’s reputation is building after playing over 100 shows. They have performed at Glastonbury 2013, St.Kilda Festival 2014 and 2015, Sydney Rd St Festival 2014, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014 and Darebin Music Feast in 2012. They have created 10 renegade music festivals entitled 'House Party on Wheels' over 2 years with 25-45 bands playing at each. Lieutenant Jam have played at establishments such as The Espy, Cherry Bar, The Evelyn, Ding Dong Lounge, The Vineyard, Revolver, The Workers Club, 303, Pony, The Toff, The Tote, The Brunswick Hotel, The Reverence. They have also toured Hobart, Adelaide and the UK.

The band's diverse writing styles come from Anthony's (screenwriter currently getting a film made) narrative writing within his lyrics, Joel's English influenced rhymes within rock (Diverse taste in genres from being a band booker and music teacher) and Fernando's metal inspired technical wizardary (The Mexican music instrumental genius).

The band has featured on, Triple R 3RRR FM, Inpress, Beat Magazine and high figures on tripleJ Unearthed and Reverb Nation.

In late 2015 Lieutenant Jam will be working on the 'Heaven in the Wastelands EP' and their concept album.



25 Mar 2015


Nice catchy pop rock tune with some clever lyricism, keep up the good work!

Nice catchy pop rock tune with some clever lyricism, keep up the good work!


Vision Street

25 Mar 2015


Them backing vocals!

Them backing vocals!


Nel Theo

26 Mar 2015


Political. Perverse. Punk. That's some good shiiiiiiiit.

Political. Perverse. Punk. That's some good shiiiiiiiit.