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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Ryan Adams, Our Lady Peace, Counting Crows

band members

Alan Kennedy-Vocals/Guitar/Ukulele Angelo Nicoli- Lead Guitar/Piano/Mandolin/Vocals


counting crows, Our Lady Peace, ryan adams


Years of marrying chords to lyrics and waiting patiently on their break,THRU being the middle word in the bands rather unusual name which is underpinned by some scientific meaning, IT wasn't untill Kennedy retired his raincoat and moved to London in 2006 that he picked Angelo from the tree of, GUM which is something you should never swallow as it can get stuck to your throat or so we were lead to, BELIEVE Angelo when he says it's been a long road with too many musicians to, CREDIT to them though they finally found the right jigsaw, PIECES of Elizabeth is a heart-felt ballad on "Sometime Before Daylight" LTI's 2010, EP stands for extended play which in musical terms means a cd with more than 1 but less than 8, TRACKS are for trains that get you where you need to go to find yourself becoming a fan, FANS were invented as a method of keeping cool on warm summer, DAYS are never that productive for a band of nocturnal aliens who's creative juices flow best and uninterrupted between the hours of 1 and 5am, AM I in, am I out is a foot tapping radio friendly single from LTI's 2012 EP 'Climbing Invisible Ropes' released June 2012 for all those of the foot tapping radio friendly, PERSUASION is a tool used the world over to convince us to spend beyond our means in order to afford the latest everything we dont really care, FOR the past few months Life Thru Iris have been working in the studio on their yet unnamed 2013 offering and are in the final stages of, RECORDING AND MIXING used to be an expensive process for the privileged few but times they are a, CHANGING your vocal velocity drastically is a sign to the person your conversating with that it's time to stop listening and start, TALKING "round round round" with your friends about a great new band you have just discovered that they are going to, LOVE, is a word used to describe your new found affection for something you, LIKE our facebook page here: and get a free EP for your, EFFORT, and lots of it will make this band big in its now home of Melbourne.