Artist info



Sounds like

muse, Soulwax, The Boat People

band members

Joel Henderson - Bass, Luke Price - Vocals & Guitar, Blake Horton- Drums


Jeff Buckley, radiohead, cog


Light Noise has risen on the strength of their debut release, live shows and cutting-edge song writing. As a band they kick it live with layered harmonies, excellent musicianship, instrumental tightness and a dash of modern trickery. Their reputation has seen the band hold their own, playing along side the likes of Silverchair, The Beautiful Girls, Something With Numbers, Evermore, Gyroscope, Operator Please, Trial Kennedy, End Of Fashion and British India. Their sold out debut release is a sprawling, ambitious affair that covers a breathtaking amount of musical ground, from rousing rock riffs to fantasy string laden pieces, all infused with a vocally distinct Australian feel. The recording was engineered under the watchful eye of Dan Clinch (Grinspoon, Bluejuice, The Vine’s) with all 4 tracks nominated in the 1233ABC Music Awards winning them ‘Rock Artist of the Year’. Possessing the right attitude to hard work, consistent travel, extensive promotion and self belief has seen Light Noise received a warm welcome from both home and interstate audiences.