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Hip Hop, Indie

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Lil Groom


Nirvana , Erykah Badu, Daniel Caesar , Kendrick Lamar

Unearthed artists we like

Kaiit, REMI, Sampa The Great


Lil Groom hails from Esfahn in Iran. He started making music at seven years of age and by fifteen was composing songs with lyrics protesting against the Iranian Government. Scared of retaliation, recording studios in his native city refused to record his music, so Lil Groom sang into his phone and shared the protest songs via WhatsApp. He quickly became an underground sensation in his city, but when he was sold out to the authorities by an ex-lover he wound up in prison. After his release Lil Groom applied for a student visa to study for a Bachelor of Music at Victoria University in Melbourne. Just in time his visa came though allowing him to flee the country and avoid more jail time.