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Pop, Indie

Sounds like

Norah Jones, Elvis Costello, Rickie Lee Jones

band members

Linda Wood - ukulele wielding songstress.


Basia, Ella Fitzgerald, The Andrew Sisters

Unearthed artists we like

The Wooden (early)


Linda self-produced and released her first album, “Duel”, in 2007 followed by the singles “Shut up and Dance” (2009) and “Boat & Sail (You be the boat)” (2011). Deciding to take a more collaborative approach Linda’s second album “Return” (2013) includes 5 co-written songs and was produced by Steven Manovski at Origami Studios in Sydney. Inspired by her own battle with depression Linda recorded, “Linda Wood’s Dot2Dot Project: A Bee-autiful Life” in July 2012 (includes two songs written by Linda, arranged for vocal ensemble by Linda and Ken Lai), performed by a community sourced ensemble. 100% of sales from this CD go to the Black Dog Institute, a clinical research and support facility for mood disorders. “A Bee-autiful Life” is the first of what Linda hopes will be many projects involving community members in performing arrangements of her songs to bring awareness about depression and raise money for The Black Dog Institute. ( The Dot2Dot Ensemble will open the launch for “Return” with these two songs. Other credits include performing, arranging and conducting vocals for “Angels the musical” in Sydney and it’s first performance in New York (prior to the SBS documentary). Linda Wood has also lent her musical and theatrical talents previously to “Leader of the Pack” (Central Coast production), “Downtown” (a musical tribute to the 60s pop scene in Britain) “Straight Up Rogue” (a jazz revue) and “Back to the 80s”. Throughout 2008 Linda lived in the UK learning how to work the crowds in the local pubs also receiving air play on BBC 6 “Introducing with Tom Robinson” during that time. Linda made a few connections that enabled a summer 2009 return to the UK for the Celtic Blue Rock Festival and a few more gigs at smaller local venues. After participating in the Emergenza Festival in 2010, making the Sydney Semi Final, Linda decided to focus on writing for her next album of which the singles “Boat & Sail” and “Shut Up And Dance” have been a foretaste. Now “Return”, the second album from Linda Wood is available including the two singles recorded in completely fresh versions for the album.