Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Few 2 Many, Joni Mitchell

band members

Leah Elliott (Princess Leah) - Lead Vocals, Maya Barnaby (The Metro-gnome) - Rhythm guitar, backing vocs; Keane Williams (Button Sexa) - Djembe, vocal beats, backing vocs; Jon Levy - guitar; Dan Power (Wade Porn) - Drums; Flower- bass. [*Mark Wells also played lead guitar & bass on the recordings on this page*]


Evanescence, Hip hop, rock, reggae, folk, punk, grunge, blues..


If music is the language of the soul, then let Liquid Legs’ translate an emotional journey of undeniable potency, producing a collection of songs guided by Leah’s delicate yet revealing vocals. Keane’s effervescent beatboxing and didge drives a twist in the Folk/Rock sound giving it a distinctive edge and style like no other. Long time friends Keane & Leah have been performing together for over a decade. Their contrasting voices compliment each other, weaving tones of light & dark to successfully find an intangible balance. The unabashed vocal narratives are layered over the harmony driven guitar rhythms of Jon and Maya, & Flower’s bold bass riffs, to create a captivating live act brimming with anthems. Influenced by a variety of artists from Evanescence / Joni Mitchell to Otis Redding, combining musical experiences in a collaboration of genres, Liquid Legs has created an ultimately unique sound.