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Pop, Indie

Sounds like

the national, Boy and Bear, Angus and Julia Stone

band members

Lita - Vocals/Guitar Jason - Guitar/Harmonica/Banjo/Vocals Jeff - Drums/Glockenspiel Adam - Piano Michael - Bass


Bon Iver, Noah and The Whale, lauren hill



In 2009 Lita and Jason started playing music together as a duo. Lita on the drums and Jason on guitar and vocals. And then one starry night in the wizards dungeon, Lita said that she would like to try and sing. As soon as she sang Jason said "Whoa, that's really really good. You should be the singer". So from then on Lita began to play guitar and sing and Jason played guitar, banjo, harmonica and backing vocals. The two played as an acoustic duo around the bar scene in Brisbane for two years playing originals. They continued writing new songs and playing, and then another starry night at a party Lita met Jeff. Jeff said he was keen to play drums. After the first jam with Jeff the band transformed instantly. His style and skill brought the songs to life and added a new dimension. Lita, Jason and Jeff knew that fate was somehow pulling them together when on a third starry night at practice they all found out they all have the exact same birthday (6th of April). You can't fight the universe so they were destined to be a band. Adam has since joined on piano which added another layer and continued to grow the sound of the band. Michael has recently joined the band too as the bass player wonderfully rounding out the band. Both Adam and Michael fit like some peas in a pod. The band continues to work on new songs, expanding their act and polishing their craft. With the release of their EP they are poised to start playing more venues and establish a name for themselves. With dreams of playing bigger venues, gigging at festivals, and making more albums, the band stays hard at work practicing, writing, and gigging. An anonymous person was quoted describing the band; "They create sound that reminds me of fairy tales and candy floss. Mixed with a warm cup of love and loss, and a hairy monkey that's stolen your banjo into the wilderness of life..." -Anonymous, 2011


Fox Road

13 Feb 2013


Definitely an interesting, melodic jam. Strong vocals. IF you come to Melbourne we should gig together.

Definitely an interesting, melodic jam. Strong vocals. IF you come to Melbourne we should gig together.