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, Mojojuju & The Snake Oil Merchants

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Urshula Leung - lead vox, David Elliston - Accordion, Keys, Acoustic Guitar, Sam Smets - Electric Guitar, Andrew Bender - Drums, Nick Mercer - Bass/Electric cello


God Speed You Black Emperor, Portis head, sigur ross


Little Bear has evolved and become stronger over 2011.Expanding their set to tantalize the palates of an eclectic audience the band now offers Gypsy/Folk Rock pieces, Psychedellic Rock, Trip Hop and Ambient works. Playing the festival circuit in Tasmania during summer LITTLE BEAR played alongside some notable interstate acts including: The Woohoo Revue, Mista Savona, Rapskallion, The Barons of Tang & A French Butler Called Smith!!! 2011 provided an excellent year for studio and live work. LITTLE BEAR completed their first nostalgic self titled 6 track EP in MAY 2011. Full album now available on soundcloud ( Bear Tasmania). And after high demand, they have just completed their second 6 track assertive and danceable album 'Breaking Silence' - which reflects their live work over the summer. Its due for release in August 2012!!!!!! Check the facebook page for updates ( 'Keep loving the music. You inspire us!!!!' - Urshula Leung (Lead vocalist/songwriter) LITTLE BEAR needs your support! Sure to please an eclectic crowd, come see them live!!!!!


Mary Jones

17 Nov 2012


Sound quality st...

Sound quality strange, bass is not easy to hear. Damn amazing vocalist, although too much top end in the recording. Some of the richness is missing. This lets the track down a lot

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Dom Mercer

26 Aug 2012


AWESOME. Love it...

AWESOME. Love it, love it, love it!

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14 Aug 2012


This is a remark...

This is a remarkable song. Extraordinary composition.

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