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Rock, Roots

band members

Andrew Meli - guitars, Frank Attard - drums & percussion, Nathan Gatt - bass & keys, Robert Lupica - vo


Moonlight, Whiskey, cigarettes


Out with the new, and in with the old..

Little Big Wolf is a contemporary vintage sound. An organic and honest Alternative Swamp Blues collaboration. Conceived in a smoke filled basement somewhere in Sydney’s gritty and cultured inner west, and reared on a concoction of spiced rum, cigarettes, white chocolate & black coffee.

Inspired by musics of a by gone era, Little Big Wolf are firm believers and activists of truth and soulfulness in sound - something which sadly seems to be blowing away in the unrelenting winds of change. Everything you hear here is REAL! All sounds have been hand crafted with time-honoured instruments & antique equipment, and all words sung from the heart.

Writing songs of love, loss, obscurity and allurement, Little Big Wolf have well and truly landed on all fours and quickly cut their canines in a crossover genre space. Thus opening the trap door to the foot stomping hideout, where we all secretly long to take refuge.

Teaming up with renowned Australian Producer Syd Green, Little Big Wolf have laid it all on the line, recording two albums in the space of two years. They have migrated their way through the traditional lands of southern blues (al be it via the moon-shiner’s route) and have drawn on the lingering tastes of past feastings on roots, rock, funk and jazz.

Little Big Wolf is a unique and interesting coherence of peculiar characters that have all met in a common breeding ground to let out an almighty howl, dance under soft moonlight and free expression as revolution.