Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Stone Roses, the panics, Oasis

band members

Ben guitars/vocals, Sam guitar, Kellie keys, Dan drums, Dom bass


Little Casino are a 5-piece band partially formed between Brisbane and Byron Bay, playing an infectious blend of surf infused pop and ambient rock. Influenced by bands like The Stone Roses and The Black Keys, they play a form of music that fuses 60’s melodies, reverberated guitars and beautiful vocal hooks that swings from punchy pop to blissed out grooves. After forming in late 2010, Little Casino released an independent EP mid-2011 which got nation wide indie and JJJ radio play, following the release of their second EP in early 2013, "All Fall Down" recorded, mixed and produced by Matt Redlich at his Grandma's Place studio. "Ambient, floating vocals and contrastingly solid, driven guitar work, lends Little Casino to near-universal likeability, from lovers of folk to those who like something a little stronger. Honestly, I struggle to think of someone I know to whom I wouldn’t recommend this record. Nope. Can’t do it. I guess because my music background is predominately in singing, vocals are a really big thing for me, and front man Ben Forbes does not fail to deliver. The vocals on this record truly are astounding. 'The Village' has one of the most impressive climactic builds I’ve heard in a while. You know how you listen to certain songs and you think “shit, this is intense where does it end? Does it end? Why am I crying? God damn this is amazing.” Yeah, well same sort of thing applies here. Yes, fine, it’s like sex in music form, that is indeed what I’m trying to say. There’s an increasingly rare quality in an EP or album, where it’s clear that it’s been treated as a whole artwork, rather than a collection singles. All Fall Down is one of those delightful gems where the EP stands as a beautiful, complete unit in itself. There’s a shift and balance between each track, which flows and builds perfectly into the next. I would strongly suggest, first time round, having a listen straight through with a good cup of coffee and a comfortable couch, before deciding which track you love most." The Thousands, 13/12/2012 “Incredibly clean cut and tight for such a new band.” – TimeOff “They have pushed past an often same-same genre and blended equal parts nostalgia with originality.” – FourThousand “Well written, memorable lyrics that are sung strong and freely, then layered in reverb along with the guitars, creating somewhat of a haunting feel that ends with glorious lofty close.” - Aus New Music Blog


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

04 Sep 2014

Triple J

Super strong return from this band - it just does EVERYTHING right.

Super strong return from this band - it just does EVERYTHING right.