Artist info


Punk, Pop

Sounds like

sum 41, Blink 182, Four Years Strong

band members

Michael Valentino - Bass/ Lead Vocals Shantelle Cini - Lead Guitar/ Backup Vocals Diff Valentino - Drums/ Backup Vocals


Blink 182, Four Years Strong, sum 41


We are a pop-punk band established this year consisting of 3 friends whom love the music they play. Our main aim as a band is to do the best we possibly can and show Melbourne exactly what the Melbourne scene is about! We are honestly just interested in creating music that we truly love with a passion. We are using all of our past knowledge about different genres and just love having fun jammin, chillin and ofcourse killin! Artists We Also Like are: My favourite accident, Second Chance Exit, Brighter at Night, The spinset, The playbook, Motionless me, Foundations Fall, Mama's Rejects, Masketta Fall AND MANY MORE LOCAL BANDS! For gigs or information please don't hesitate to email us on: