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Lilia- singer/songwriter/cello/piano/guitar


Kostadin Grigorov, Bach, Bob marley


Having both parents as professional concert muscicians and teachers meant I was able to have music lessons from a very early age and also perform music as a child. I also worked singing for commercials with composer Mario Grigorov (composer of score for recent movie Precious) in Sydney. As a teenager I was fortunate to continue my music lessons and able to perform solo Trumpet , and Cello in a concert at the Opera House Sydney. During this time I found my love of singing and composing songs and harmonies and joined with other muscician creating beautiful music together. During my studies at university, I also studied Ballet and drama, and have performed in various acts since. At present I perform my original music (Sing and play Guitar or Cello ) in venues around my home town, and also perform playing the Cello in a local band called Secret Life Of Plants. I also enjoy jamming with other local muscicians on a regular basis, and write new original songs often . I have a collection of over 30 completed songs, which some of them are posted on my myspace page .I LOVE MUSIC.