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Lloyd Spiegel Arunachala


With 8 albums, a swag of accolades to his name and 20 years performing, writing and recording, Lloyd Spiegel has certainly squeezed more into 30 years than many do in a lifetime. It’s that experience and presence well beyond his years that has seen him become one of this country's leading Blues artists and most respected guitarists. His incredible command of the guitar, powerful voice and high energy performance captivates any audience. Between extensive touring within Australia, Lloyd has travelled worldwide with frequent tours to Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.S.A, where he's toured coast to coast 6 times. During these tours he's performed at some of the world's best known Blues venues and largest festivals as well as showcasing at every major international guitar player’s event in the world. He's played bills with legendary Blues artists from Buddy Guy and Etta James to Ray Charles, as well as artists from a range of musical genres including Bob Dylan, Peter Frampton and Willie Nelson. In 2006, Lloyd found a great deal of success in Japan. A DVD recorded live to a sold out Tokyo Disneyland has become a ‘must have’ for guitar fans in Asia and sparked the interest of the Japanese mainstream. He is now performing on Japan’s commercial television and radio as well as appearing on the cover of countless magazines. During his time in the U.S.A, he was invited to teach and lecture for the prestigious ‘Blues in the schools’ program. The nation-wide project is designed to teach American youth about the tradition of Blues within their culture and also supplies lessons and instruments to students who otherwise couldn’t afford to have music in their lives. Introducing tomorrows musicians to the Blues is something Lloyd is very passionate about and he now works closely with many of Australia’s young artists to give back some of what he got from the scene as a teenager. Popular blues / roots artists like Kim Churchill, Jason Lowe and Jonno Zilber have gone on to be award winning artists and count Lloyd as a major inspiration and mentor. For the past 8 years, Lloyd has been the premier endorsee for Cole Clark guitars. The company is a leader in guitar technology with distribution world-wide and Brad Clark (C.E.O) has modelled much of his instruments evolution on what Lloyd needed for his sound. He is an integral part of the company’s success and is their preferred player for demonstrations and trade fairs. While fans and critics have always focused on his guitar skills, Lloyd has come of age as a composer and lyricist. His 2005 release, ‘Tall Stories’ was quickly recognized as a breakthrough recording for him and proves him to be an integral part of Australia's ever-changing Blues music style. The follow-up, ‘Timber & Steel’ was an entirely solo affair that mixed his considerable song-writing skills together with his exceptional acoustic guitar expertise. The current release, ‘Tangled Brew’ is an original CD that serves as both the result of a lifetime of touring and a clear shift towards new sounds within the genre. Recorded with Malaysian percussionist Arunachala and experimenting with Cole Clark’s latest technology, ‘Tangled Brew’ re-invents Lloyd’s raw, hard hitting style for the masses and still maintains his connection to the music he loves.